spelloodeedoo (spelloodeedoo) wrote in wow_malganis,

Not PvPing on a PvP server.

I know it's weird but I don't like to PvP. Yet I play on Malganis. I will rarely make the first attacking move. If I see alliance, I /hi and continue on my way. If I'm on my priest I shield up, just in case.
If I'm attacked I will defend myself, but most of the time I just run away (shield + fear for priest, poly for my mage). Why? All I want to do is go to my quest area and do it. When I start a quest my mind is focused on that objective.

Why am I on a PvP server then?
1) The quality of players on Mal'ganis. I've been on a couple of other servers, and Mal'ganis has very good players.
2) Non-PVP doesn't feel right. I recognize the fact that you should be able to attack the other faction, giving the other faction permission to PvP with you is more stupid than that guy that camps my corpse. Personally, I just don't like to attack real people.
3) Goons. I've been playing with the same group of people since the release of Star Wars : Galaxies in 2003. We know our shit, we're dedicated and drama is very low. <3 Pork Squad!
4) Raiding. I might not like unplanned PvP but raiding with a large group is a lot of fun.

So if you see me I will /hi you first and I will respect your choice to attack me. But be assured I will give you a nice /golfclap in real life mister level-60-rogue-who-one-shot-cloth-wearers-while-they-drink. You're making me lose time to finish my quest, I don't have the time for this ;)
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